Emu Bay Substation redevelopment

About the project

The Emu Bay Substation is an integral part of the transmission network in the central north-west of Tasmania and is the sole source of electricity supply to parts of Burnie's Central Business District. The redevelopment work involved replacing 110 kV circuit breakers, instrument transformers and protection schemes that had become unreliable or in poor condition and in need of frequent maintenance and repairs. Additional work also was also carried out on the Burnie−Emu Bay 110 kV transmission line at the Burnie Substation, providing a coordinated cost-effective result. The cost of the work at Emu Bay Substation was $4.5 million.

The benefits

This redevelopment improved the reliability and availability of the electricity supply to central north-west Tasmania, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. By reconfiguring the substation, reliability and performance was improved at a lower cost.

Completion date

The project was completed in May 2011.