Grid Vision

Our Strategic Grid Planning department is striving to find the answer to a very important question: "what will our transmission system look like in 30 years’ time?" The Grid Vision program promotes a futuristic long-term approach to planning and examines how we can overcome the problems in front of us to ensure the long-term reliability and efficiency of the electricity market.

The Grid Vision program incorporates nine strategic plans covering each major regional area of Tasmania. It examines key areas such as future generation forecasting and the impact of potential generation developments including a second undersea cable across Bass Strait, gas, hydro and alternative energy sources such as geothermal and wind.

With growing interest in renewable energy sources, we commissioned research into the maximum amount of wind generation that could be connected to the Tasmanian power system. The research highlighted the limitations of the power system in coping with significant additional wind energy due to its relatively small size and its nature. The research also identified the key technical challenges that need to be managed in order to realise the ambition of developing multiple large wind farms in Tasmania. For more information please read 'Challenges of wind power'.

By taking a long-term view of the Tasmanian electricity market and its relationship with the NEM, we can ensure we’re ready – no matter what the future holds.