Planning ahead

As the body responsible for determining transmission system needs in Tasmania now and in the future, planning is an ongoing activity. Planning for where we want to go means looking back at how we've been and thinking about the future. We take a long-term view of the electricity market in Tasmania and our relationship with the national market, details can be found in our Grid Vision program. Through the annual planning process, we analyse the performance of our system in detail including measures such as reliability, availability of plant and the number and nature of system incidents.

To see where the State is heading in terms of its growth and development, forecasts of electricity usage and demand are gathered from the distribution company, Aurora Energy, and from other customers directly connected to our transmission system. The national electricity rules require us to work with our customers to consider investments that may provide benefits to the electricity market and/or to meet reliability standards. The Tasmanian Economic Regulator requires us to provide an overall assessment of the supply-demand balance in Tasmania for the next 10 years. We take it even further looking at forecasts for the next 15 years and considering potential network investment needs over the next 30 years.

Our obligation is to operate the Tasmanian transmission network to effectively and efficiently manage the delivery of electricity to all customers.

We have to make sure we can continue to provide a safe, reliable and secure transmission service that meets customer expectations, both now and in the future. We have to do this at an efficient price.

Further details of the annual planning review are available on our 'Annual planning review' page. The Transmission System Management Plan (PDF, 29.13 MB) outlines the systems and processes employed in managing the network for the benefit of all stakeholders.

For details of work already under way please visit 'Our Projects'.